We're all beggars

I had a dream last night I was in my car downtown waiting for Audrey to pay a bill. I noticed a beggar outside of the building. I tried not to make eye contact, looked away, and when I turned back he was literally on the hood of my car peering in. I woke up right then, disregarded the dream, and got out of bed. I turned on the computer, made a pot of coffee, and was wondering who won Game 2 last night between the Rockets and Lakers.

On my way to the computer to find out, I felt a gentle nudge to read the Bible. Not taking gentle nudges lightly, I sat down with the Bible. I prayed, with my hand on the book, that the word would speak to me about finding a job, a career, money, etc. One chapter came to mind at the end of the prayer, Acts 3, which was the book I'd been studying for a little while.