The Couple



A HUSBAND and WIFE sit in a running car outside of a white house. Snow falls gently outside. The wife in her early thirties, warms her hands with her mouth and pushes down her winter hat over her ears.

            You going to turn the car off?

The husband turns off the car. He fidgets with his gloved hands and scratches his scruffy beard.

            You ever shot a gun before?

He shakes his head. She glances into the backseat. A six shot revolver rest on the seat.

            I don't want to look at it.

            You want me to cock it for you?


She reaches back, grabs the gun, and sitting straight in her seat pulls back the hammer. She hands it to him.

            Bob put the bullets in there before we left, right?

She nods. The husband looks out the windshield at the white house.

            And we're sure he's home?

            Quit stalling and go kill the guy.


The Adventures of T1M


Tim was a robot, but didn't know it. In fact everyone in New York was a robot, they just didn't know it. If they did they certainly didn't show it. If they knew that New York wasn't the real New York they didn't show that either. So even though Tim was a robot and that should've been an odd fact, it wasn't because everyone was and that made all of them odd. So Tim wasn't odd at all.

What was odd was the relationships Tim had with other robots. He didn't have parents. He didn't know he was supposed to have any. Actually, Tim did have parents. Build Station 1 and Build Station 2. 1 built his body while 2 built his brain. They were rather bad parents, who never sent birthday cards, because if they sent them to Tim they'd have to send ones to their 7 trillion other children. Alas, Tim didn't have any parents. What Tim did have were friends, two of them. Kim and Jim.