Monster Mash!

Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein sit in their car waiting to go into Dracula's Halloween party. The Monster turns off the car, but doesn't get out. The Bride notices.

"What's wrong?"

"You know what's wrong," The Monster says, staring at the steering wheel.

She sighs. She has seen this out of him before.

"Is this going to be a problem every year?"

The Monster shakes his head, his black crew cut hair barely moving.

"I don't want it to be, but they just make fun of me every year." he says. "I hate going to these parties."

"Then why'd I even get dressed up?" she asks. "I spent three hours on this hair, you know."

The Monster reaches over to grab her hand.

"I know, and I love taking you out. I really do," he says.

"But?" she asks, pulling her hand away.

"I hate how they make me feel," he says. "They laugh at my flat head and my shoes. Don't they know they're correcting my flat arches?"


When Did Athletes Become Community Saviors?

This blog may seem out of date, but who cares. Recently the Nike Commercial below was released starring LeBron James. In the commercial, LBJ takes on his critics and asks them a simple question...

What should I do?

In the months following the Decision, the 90 minute press conference James gave in which he announced he would be leaving Cleveland and joining the Miami Heat organization, I've never waivered from my initial personal decision that he was right to leave.

One man, especially an athlete, should never be assigned the role of City Savior. Why was it James' job to save Cleveland? The man gets paid to pass basketballs, not laws. He is an entertainer... not a politician and should be treated as such.


The Death of Clark Kent

The sun beat down and for the first time, Clark Kent despised it. He had wandered the Earth for two lifetimes not changing at all. He'd seen Lois and their son and daughter all pass. Bruce and Diana too, though she'd outlasted the rest, had succumbed to their mortal fates. Only Clark remained.

Metropolis, his beloved city, lay in ruins as well, because they'd come. Zod's Army, other exiles from the Phantom Zone, broke out of their prison, found Earth, found Kal-El, and almost killed him. Clark's only ally, the bright yellow sun he'd lived under for so long, made him stronger than the entire army put together. He'd beaten them, just like the countless other foes over the centuries and he was tired.

He'd tried to turn to writing as Clark Kent III, but he world moved past newspapers and real journalism. They didn't care about facts, only what was directly relevant to their daily lives. He'd given up on that too. No more Truth, Justice, and the American Way... just him wandering the Mojave Desert, trapped by his need for sunlight and his everlasting life.

Many miles away the mighty Metropolis was no more. Following Zod's Army, the remaining citizens struggled to resume life. It was difficult, because they had no leader. No one to Trust. There was only Luthor. Not Lex, but his great grandson Vincent. A man born with synthetic Kryptonite in his skin. A man invincible to Kal-El. The ultimate version of his great grandfather's madness.


The Many Jobs of Jacob Williams

My writing of my new screenplay "Jobs" has fallen off as of late. Why? Well, if you read the mission statement of this blog you'll understand that I am a lazy writer and so that is explanation enough. Along with being lazy, I'm also busy with other stuff that clouds my brain and keeps me from what I love to do best and that is, of course, writing.

Audrey is currently using lists as a way of getting ideas out of her head. She is learning that valuable lesson from her Master's program and there is truth in the statement that if one person in a relationship is doing something than the other is basically doing it as well. Needless to say, I've been learning a lot about writing and how to best get ideas out and onto the paper. So with that being said, I am going to draft a list of all of the jobs I've ever worked. This will hopefully reignite "Jobs" and help push the material out in a constructive way.