The Hero's Path

The light cycle felt good under this weight. He never thought he'd care for the fast paced action of the Arena, but after your first victory you couldn't help yourself. After all he was a User and everyone in the stands loved him. They loved his blue lined suit. They loved the way he isolated opponents, turned their momentum against them, and kept winning the matches. They loved that he was different. They loved that he had the power to save them...

With all of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack listening I've been doing over the past few weeks I felt like a short blog might be a good idea. I'm saying now that the music from this movie will outlast the movie itself. The music is breathtaking. It feels like it could've been made in the 1980s and that is exactly how it should sound. The usage of the original Tron theme is pitch perfect as well. Anytime the listener needs to feel a connection to the original material Daft Punk drops a few bars of the old stuff. It's very smart for this music to stay close to home while also going for it's own unique sound.


George Lucas is the Real Scrooge

Ok, everyone who may read this will say I need to lighten up, but I'm not going to. This blog is directed solely at George Lucas. Recently, a youtube video made the rounds showing the main character from Forces Unleashed: 2, Starkiller, break Chewbacca's neck right after he forced Han Solo to shoot him in the back. This is disgusting. For all of you who think that I am mad because "it didn't happen that way" need to shut your mouths and read what I am going so say next.

I don't care that it happened out of canon. I don't even really care that it happened...


Thanks Daft Punk

Something cool happened today. I wrote. Now I understand that a blog devoted to the struggles of a lazy writer shouldn't need to have a blog entry detailing how someone struggled to write. It should be a given. However, this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want... even if it is redundant and a no-brainer.

So one of my biggest struggles as a writer is guilt. I feel guilty when I don't write, I feel guilty when I do write. I feel guilty when feel inspired to write the "wrong thing". Is there any other creative endeavor in the world where guilt plays a role? Do guitarists feel bad when they are inspired to learn how to play a song when they are supposed to be learning to play another? Do painters get all bottled up when they'd rather paint a mountain scene when they are contracted to paint a portrait? Do actors get uptight when they are in a B-movie when they really want to be on Broadway?

I don't know.

All I know is that I have so many ideas in my head (and I'm not saying any of them are good) that most times can't seem to just sit down and put them on paper. When the stars do align and I can focus on one I will then psych myself out of writing, because I should be writing on something else.

"What you want to write right now is nonsense and serves no purpose," says the weirdness in my head.

"But it won't go away," I say back, realizing I'm talking to myself and am therefore a bit insane.

"Fine then, write it... but you won't have any fun."

Usually this last thought efficiently puts the brakes on any writing and I stop.

Today was different.

Today, thanks to the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk I was inspired to start up a sci-fi story I've had in my head for years. My brother and I made a sci-fi short film about the same basic characters and subject below

What I wrote today is the next step in the story. Part of the reason I never did anything with it is because I felt that maybe I should just leave it alone and move on, but for some reason I really like it so I never did. So I wrote today and it felt good. Even if I don't write on it ever again, at least today was cool.


That's when I blow it...

So it has been over two weeks since I blogged. One of the specific reasons for doing this blog was to force me to consistently write. FAIL!

I could just stop the blog, but that's what I've always done. So instead of stopping I will make a concerted effort to blog twice a week to make up for my lack of November posts.

To quickly sum up my November.

1. Saw Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1... twice. If you haven't seen the movie, watch the first 6 and go see it. It is definitely worth your while. Read a great spoiler free review of the film here.

2. Went to Starbase Indy, a fan run Sci-Fi Convention on Thanksgiving Weekend. Met a look of cool fellow geeks, networked a bit, shot an episode of Born For Geekdom. All in all a great time, one full of nostalgic moments.

That is what I call a quick sum up.

I'll write more soon.

Live long and prosper.