Pick me out a Winner, Bobby

I don't want to end up like Roy Hobbs. You know Roy. The hero of the New York Knights, who for a season in his 40s shined on the baseball field like he did when he was young. A savior who with his bat, Wonder Boy, blew away fans and blew out light bulbs. Who made baseball something more than just a game. Who made every grown man cry, then rewind back to the beginning of the final scene to watch it twice, and then cry again.

Why wouldn't I want to be Roy Hobbs? Because I don't want to be in my 40s and meet my dreams. I want to be 28 and live out my dreams. I don't want to vanish during my formative years and succumb to lower expectations. I could blame that vanishing on my location. I live in the midwest, where it is common practice to push down dreams and go with the flow. To work jobs that are unfulfilling all the while saying "Everyone hates their jobs right?" To refuse our personal happiness and say it is noble to sacrifice. To be a martyr and say it is for the greater good. Let me blunt... this is crap.


Say it Ain't So

Offseason in football is the perfect time for players to do the following.

1. Sign with another team

2. Take a much needed vacation

3. Have an inappropriate relationship with a fan.

And as much as it saddens me when number 1 takes place, (Say it Ain't So, Jim Sorgi... you did a great job of warming the bench for Peyton), or how much I wish I had a shot at number 2 myself, (the sandy beaches of Florida never sounded so good), it is in number 3 that I am most surprised by... or should I say not surprised by.