George Lucas is the Real Scrooge

Ok, everyone who may read this will say I need to lighten up, but I'm not going to. This blog is directed solely at George Lucas. Recently, a youtube video made the rounds showing the main character from Forces Unleashed: 2, Starkiller, break Chewbacca's neck right after he forced Han Solo to shoot him in the back. This is disgusting. For all of you who think that I am mad because "it didn't happen that way" need to shut your mouths and read what I am going so say next.

I don't care that it happened out of canon. I don't even really care that it happened...

I care that out of all of the choices this game could make in the direction it took, it decided it would be best to kill off two of the main characters in a SADISTIC way. This is disgusting. It's one thing to have Chewie and Han get killed off, but to have it happen this way is plain wrong. I know people will say that by doing this it shows how evil Starkiller has become, but you are wrong. They could've shown him being evil in a lot of different ways. Not by ripping Chewie out of an ATST, breaking his arms, holding him up so that Han's errant blaster bolts shoot him in the back, and then breaking his neck. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.

Yeah, I know this reveals I am a dork, but who cares... it is who I am and this is NOT THE WAY YOU HONOR A FILM FRANCHISE THAT MADE YOU A BILLIONAIRE, GEORGE LUCAS. You will say, it's a videogame and he didn't make it himself and it is true. BUT, he does have final sign off on all story arcs in the games he has his name on. GEORGE LUCAS KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE GAME AND HE LET IT HAPPEN. You know why? Because he wanted to rub it in our faces. All of the people who fell in love with the original trilogy are basically dead to him and he wanted us to know it. Lucas has formally gone to the dark side. He is no longer George Lucas. By finally killing off his most beloved characters is final step toward his new identity...

Darth Ungrateful.

As I write this I am listening to the Forest Battle theme from Jedi and it makes me happy, because back then Lucas was still trying his best to tell a story of love, hope, and redemption. Now with this choice, he really has flipped us all off and said "it's just a movies series, everyone. Get over it."

I will not give over to it, Darth. The Star Wars in my heart is not this bloated, expensive garbage you've put out for the last decade. It is the spirit of a well crafted story. The spirit of stunning visual effects that were assisted by computers, not 100% made by them. The spirit of inspiration. Where's your spirit, Darth?

Oh I know... it's been replaced by Midichlorians.

I will choose to be Luke here, Darth. I will choose to believe there is still good in you. I will choose to believe that you're not more money now than man, but that you still know deep down that you can save this galaxy you built. Remember your car accident. Remember how it felt when you survived it and thought "boy am I grateful to still be alive, I'd better make the most of it". Be grateful now. Be grateful to the fans who have spent their hard earned money for years and years. Don't forget us. Don't give in to the hate.

Or maybe you should just keep doing what you're doing and maybe all of us who loved your original journeys a long time ago in a galaxy far far away need to realize that they are just that... long ago journeys that will never happen again.

One things for certain, with this continual bastardization of Star Wars, it's becoming easier and easier to be a Star Trek fan.


  1. AMEN brother. AMEN. PREACH.

    I read an interesting article a few months ago that confirms a hunch I had: George Lucas wasn't responsible for the parts of Star Wars I love. Check it out:


    People like Kurtz, Ralph McQuarrie [conceptual artist], Ben Burtt, John Williams. Lucas was the captain smart enough to bring all the parts together, but then got drunk on his own power - never quite coming back to reality, using the story to drive toy sales.

    I know I have Empire to thank for my obsession with space battles in the snow.

  2. Yeah, I'm with Josh. You said it all perfectly. Amen indeed. I mean, why? Just WHY would anyone do that? I'm not upset because it's not canon, I'm annoyed because it's unusually cruel and violent. And just...WHY?