That's when I blow it...

So it has been over two weeks since I blogged. One of the specific reasons for doing this blog was to force me to consistently write. FAIL!

I could just stop the blog, but that's what I've always done. So instead of stopping I will make a concerted effort to blog twice a week to make up for my lack of November posts.

To quickly sum up my November.

1. Saw Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1... twice. If you haven't seen the movie, watch the first 6 and go see it. It is definitely worth your while. Read a great spoiler free review of the film here.

2. Went to Starbase Indy, a fan run Sci-Fi Convention on Thanksgiving Weekend. Met a look of cool fellow geeks, networked a bit, shot an episode of Born For Geekdom. All in all a great time, one full of nostalgic moments.

That is what I call a quick sum up.

I'll write more soon.

Live long and prosper.

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