The Adventures of T1M


Tim was a robot, but didn't know it. In fact everyone in New York was a robot, they just didn't know it. If they did they certainly didn't show it. If they knew that New York wasn't the real New York they didn't show that either. So even though Tim was a robot and that should've been an odd fact, it wasn't because everyone was and that made all of them odd. So Tim wasn't odd at all.

What was odd was the relationships Tim had with other robots. He didn't have parents. He didn't know he was supposed to have any. Actually, Tim did have parents. Build Station 1 and Build Station 2. 1 built his body while 2 built his brain. They were rather bad parents, who never sent birthday cards, because if they sent them to Tim they'd have to send ones to their 7 trillion other children. Alas, Tim didn't have any parents. What Tim did have were friends, two of them. Kim and Jim.


Jim was a jerk, but he didn't know it. In fact everyone in New York was a jerk, they just didn't know it. Jim liked to laugh at other “people”. If he'd known they were robots, him and them, he might not have. But as the case was he thought they were human and found their physical appearance, their manner of speaking, and sometimes the way they walked to be downright hilarious.

Jim's rudeness was not his fault. He'd been programmed that way. He'd been programmed that way to test Tim. Everyone was programmed to test each other. Everyone was programmed that way, because the program they were a part of needed a protagonist and an antagonist. If Jim and Tim had known their programmed as such they probably wouldn't have gone for it, but as it was they were ignorant to the whole robot thing in general, they blissfully competed for the attention of their mutual friend, Kim.


Kim was a pawn, but she didn't know it. In fact everyone in New York was a pawn, they just didn't know it. Kim liked to smile. Her face looked good doing it. If she'd known she was a robot she probably wouldn't like doing doing it as much. But as it was she didn't know and was blissfully capable of smiling at everyone who passed. It was one of these smiles that caused both Tim and Jim to take notice, which was according to plan.

The Robots.

The Jerks.

The Pawns.

Everything was going according to plan until the day Tim saw a little green button on Kim's back. That was most certainly, most assuredly, absolutely not according to plan.


  1. You're killin' me here! Did he push the button or not? It's human nature to push buttons. Mainly just the red ones, but green is tempting, too. Is he human enough to push it?

  2. I'm with Heather...this great chunk of writing only leads to more questions. Which means...YOU MUST WRITE MORE OF THIS STORY. Seriously man, so good. Your writing just gets better and better and better...