"There can never be too much chivalry."

Lately I've been feeling this need for knighthood in our culture. Knights were real men. They fought for what they believed in, treated others with respect, and above all else had ideals that defined them. Coincidentally, I feel like knights are all around me.

-I have the Rebel Alliance tattoo on my arm. While it is not specifically a Jedi tattoo, it does represent a lot of things to me including my love for the Jedi Knights and what they stood for in defending the Star Wars galaxy.

-My next tattoo will be the Tree of Gondor on my left arm. Aragorn is one of my heroes for sure and not just because he is the King of Middle Earth... that doesn't hurt though, but because he is a Knight who finally accepts his place as the leader of the free people.

-After that is a tattoo of the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders. And if you say Indy isn't a knight than I don't know who is... and you haven't watched Last Crusade.

- Every morning I walk out to my car in the pitch black. If the sky is clear I see the constellation Orion right above me. It is my favorite constellation and a herald of the attitude I should possess going into the day.

- Don Quixote is also a hero of mine. Though a bit deranged, Quixote stood for the correct things in life and wanted to serve the world as Knight-errant.

Why all of this Knight talk? I'm just intrigued by the whole notion of chivalry, duty, and justice. I'm not saying I possess these traits, but I wonder if there is any man out there that does. 

Is there any man who puts others ahead of himself? 
Any man who quests to love their significant other with all of his heart? 
Any man who will defend the weak, weary, destitute, and less fortunate despite how it may make him look in the eyes of his peers? 
Any man who will value the life of animals, treat them kindly, and won't kill them just for sport? 
Any man who will stand up for what he believes in? 
Any man who will say confidently "That's not right" to injustice? 

In essence, I believe these traits are the core of true manhood. Not this chauvanistic, woman bashing version of manhood that is rampant in today's culture. A real man doesn't insult people. A real man isn't cocky. A real man isn't a coward. 

A real man can access his emotions. A real man gets off the couch and helps out around his house. A real man cares. A real man commits. A real man loves.

A real man is a Knight.

A real man answered "I will" to those questions. 

Are you a Knight... or do you have some work to do? 

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  1. I think we're naturally drawn to art that's speaking to something important to us, whether we're conscious of it or not. You do write and love a lot of knighthood culture, I can certainly attest to that. (And I'm one lucky dame to be married to a man obsessed with such a thing.) I say, dive into the obsession wholeheartedly and see where it takes you, could be any number of amazing personal or creative tributaries in your life.