I don't know what it is about this song, but I'm absolutely obsessed. It constantly makes me want to think, want to tear up, want to kiss my wife, want to slay a dragon, want to fight against all odds, want to strive to be a better man, want to relax, want to be strong, want to live.

The song "Time" from the Inception Score by Hans Zimmer has got me tied up in it's bar graph. It has quickly become the most listened to songs on my iTunes. It is epic and small, familiar and unique, classic Zimmer and new Zimmer.

There are times when I forget how inspiring film score has been. From an early age, I just really liked movie music. John Williams started it all. Then Alan Silvestri kept it going. A little Danny Elfman during the wild days. A dozen others thrown in for good measure Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Thomas Newman. And then there's Zimmer.

Hans has done something unique in forming his company Remote Control Productions. It is a posse of film composers all developing music for motion pictures. It is really outstanding. Like a meeting of the minds.

I'm inspired by this concept. Who knows maybe someday I will have a similar company, but for creative types.

Until then, listen to Time and see what it makes you think. Comments welcome.


  1. Ha, I just checked, and it's the most played in my iTunes lib too. Though, I rarely wait for it to repeat all the way through every last second. I'll step over and repeat it manually.

    It is, as you say, many many things all at once. It is organic and synthetic. It is an ending and a beginning. It is at such great heights and down in a hole.

  2. Funny how his music sort of reflects his philosophy of creative collaboration and harmony...or even discordance that should sound bad but instead creates something odd and beautiful.